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20010419 Lockergnome Windows Daily Coming from Serdar Yegulalp's very awesome Windows 2000 e-mail newsletter (found at THEGLINE.COM), here's an awesome tip for instant shutdown gratification in (duh) Windows 2000. "To shut W2K down fast, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, and then hold down the CTRL key while clicking the Shut Down button. You'll get a warning dialog: 'If you continue your machine will reboot and any unsaved data will be lost. Use this only as a last resort.' (They're not kidding) If you click OK, the system will reboot IMMEDIATELY -- no shutdown screen, no 'It is now safe to turn off your computer' splash. Upon rebooting, I found all was well, and the 'dirty' bit on my NTFS drives was not set, meaning that any pending writes to those volumes had been flushed." This technique is not recommended unless you're caught between a rock and a hard place. Still, for sticky situations, this click trick is quite slick.


From LockerGnome:

Undocumented Win2K Tools

Even though some functions may not be implemented within the GUI administrative tools, they can still be accessed by directly invoking the functions within a .DLL file. Windows 2000 includes several such tools that you can access by running the Rundll32 command with some arguments as follows:

Network Identification Wizard:
rundll32 netplwiz.dll,NetAccWizRunDll

Add Network Place Wizard:
rundll32 netplwiz.dll,AddNetPlaceRunDll

Share Creation:
rundll32 ntlanui.dll,ShareCreate

Share Management:
rundll32 ntlanui.dll,ShareManage - Shares

Launch Device Manager:
rundll32 devmgr.dll DeviceManager_Execute

Add New TCP/IP Printer:
rundll32 tcpmonui.dll,LocalAddPortUI

Note: The portions after the .dll file name are case-sensitive
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View Message Here's the concept: Say you have a standard form or set of forms to address
a particular client need--incorporation documents, for example. The forms
need to be created AND maintained. Timekeepers have little motivation to do
that work for the reasons you mention. With the Document Tracking System,
the timekeepers can bill their time for form work to a "document matter."
Then when a client needs the form(s), the client is charged a flat fee, and
the working timekeeper collection credits go back to the document matter and
are proportionately allocated to the timekeepers who did the form work.
Billing, supervising, originating credits go to the so-designated TKs on the
client matter.
(contributed by
Q. Can I use a disk defragger on my Exchange Server system?
A. No. Keep defrag tools and file-based virus scanners far, far away from your Exchange Server systems.


Private and Secure: The VPN Solution The VPN Solution
If you want a better way to connect remote users, offices and servers securely, consider the humble, easy-to-implement virtual private network. Here’s how to make it work in Windows 2000.
Power Protection Basics
You know that thing you have under your desk that you call a surge protector? Odds are, it's not going to protect you from much, should you fall victim to a significant power event. Many devices claiming to protect you are of such low quality that with even normal power events that occur every day, you could be putting your prized PC and peripherals at risk.
While the high quality devices will cost you a bit more, the extra green you dole out will be well worth the peace of mind they offer in addition to the protection. There are some basic terms that you should look for when shopping for such devices. Here are some of the key things to look for:
Clamping Voltage
This is essentially the breaking point at which protection will kick in. Many people consider 330VA the standard clamping voltage for most computing devices, and anything above 330VA and you're certainly leaving yourself vulnerable. Clamping voltages under 200VA are generally better, though they may take action more frequently than you'd prefer. Since computing equipment is more vulnerable to damage, it's likely worth having a low clamping voltage.
Clamping Speed
The speed at which a device reacts to a potential problem is crucial to providing adequate protection. If a unit reacts too slowly, your equipment can be damaged before preventive action can be taken. Though this often isn't published by equipment makers, 10 nanoseconds or less should serve as an a
20010406 Lockergnome Tech Specialist Win2K Command Database
You know how fond I am of my precious command prompt and what good is having that capability if I can't figure out how to use all of the commands. Microsoft has put together an online reference of utilities and commands that can be used, including descriptions of each command's function and all of the syntax specifications.
20010406 Lockergnome Tech Specialist IEEE OUI and Company_ID Database
Every device on a network must be uniquely identified at later 2 of the OSI Reference Model. This identification comes in the form of a Media Access Control (MAC) address consisting of 6 hexadecimal octets (48 bits). All network cards produced by a manufacturer are assigned a permanently installed address to ensure that no two devices occupy the same address on the network. Using the first 3 octets of the MAC address, commonly referred to as the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI), you can locate the manufacturer of a particular network device with the help of this online database. This can come in handy when performing network analysis. With some practice, you'll be able to identify certain types of devices by their OUI, which can aid in locating the source of a problem.


20010327 Lockergnome Windows Daily How to Query the Microsoft Knowledge Base Using Keywords

"This article describes how to more effectively query the Microsoft Knowledge Base by using keywords, including Microsoft product-specific keywords. By using keywords, you may be able to find the article or articles that may help to resolve your issue or question. When you perform a query, begin by using a product keyword that relates to your issue, such as "win95" for Microsoft Windows 95, "win98" for Windows 98, "outexw95" for Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows 95, and so on. You can then combine product keywords with other related keywords to help narrow your search, and locate the information you need. Note that if you search by using a small amount of keywords, you may receive a large amount of articles, possibly making it difficult to find the article you are looking for."
20010326 Lockergnome Windows Daily AutoIt v2.51 [305k] W9x/NT/2k FREE

"AutoIt is a simple tool that can simulate key presses, mouse movements and window commands (maximize, minimize, wait for, etc.) in order to automate any windows based task (or even windowed DOS tasks). It was primarily designed to assist in automatically installing software that cannot be automatically installed by other means. This is most useful during a PC rollout where hundreds or thousands of client machines need to be automatically installed. However, AutoIt is not limited to software installation and can be used to automate most simple windows tasks. When AutoIt is executed, it reads a specified script file. This script file allows AutoIt to perform a number of functions."
from lockergnome-
how to clear page file for security:
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management. Now, in the right-hand pane, add a new REG_DWORD value named: "ClearPageFileAtShutdown" (sans quotes). You may already have this value; its default property is 0. Switch that number to 1 and inactive pages (in pagefile.sys) will be overwritten. will be filled with zeros.