DOCS Open - Word - "Microsoft Visual Basic: Ambiguous name detected: TMPDDE"
In DOCS Open, when you start Microsoft Word, the following error message may appear:

"Microsoft Visual Basic: Ambiguous name detected: TMPDDE."

This issue also occurs when you attempt to open documents from the Quick Retrieve window or when you save Word documents.

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A temporary macro file is created upon opening Word and is then automatically deleted. Occasionally when Word is opened, this file is not deleted. The error message appears when Word attempts to write a new temporary macro file, and one already exists.

Steps to eliminate the error:

1. Open Word.
2. Select Tools>Macro>Macros.
3. Browse through the list of macros and delete any .TMPDDE macros.
4. Close and then reopen Word.

The error message should not appear. (If you are still receiving the error message, check for viruses on all Microsoft Word files being used. An infected file could corrupt the NORMAL.DOT template file and the TMPDDE file.)

NOTE: If you do not locate any TMPDDE macros, (the TMPDDE macro may not be visible through Tools>Macro on the Word toolbar), one of the following options will resolve this issue:

Delete the TMPDDE macro from the MS Word Global Template (NORMAL.DOT) file; this will require you to open the NORMAL.DOT macro template file in Visual Basic within Word and modify it to remove the TMPDDE macro section.


Rename the MS Word Global Template (NORMAL.DOT) file; note that Word must be closed before you can perform this action.

For more information about this issue, please consult the following article on Microsoft's Web site:;en-us;Q174966