commandline: nbtstat -A [ip number]
displays netbios announcements from the machine at that IP number

00 Base computer name and Workgroups
01 Master Browser
03 Message Alert service (name of logged in user)
20 Resource Sharing `server service` name
1B Domain master-browser name
1C Domain controller name
1E Domain/workgroup master browser election announcement


Firewall::Cisco::Outbound PPTP

Can't do PPTP vpn for a client inside cisco firewall to a server outside. Using Pix 6.1x
Must allow GRE ("Generic Routing Encapsulation") protocol from the server in to the client.
This requires: - client must have static IP address.
- Outbound on TCP1723 must be allowed to the server
- Inbound GRE must be allowed from the server to the client's outside static address.
The details of this and other situations is found in Cisco document: "Permitting PPTP Connections Through the PIX"
PDF version -
HTML version


static (inside,outside) netmask 0 0
access-list acl-outside permit gre host host

Assumes acl-outside is already applied to your outside interface via the command:
access-group acl-outside in interface outside



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