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Useful hits in my search on this topic - Video/DVD (pay) - wouldn't be customized. User group (pay) A university's project site. Pretty cool demo/tutorial free at Cisco. video on demand for Unity - too bad they don't have these for Call Manager for admin audience and IP phones for user audience.


Video Conferencing: IP gateway services

An excellent old article at nwfusion provided me a good starting point in researching alternatives to purchasing a video conferencing gateway/bridge.

I found the following promising services:
VC Gateway Services


Symantec NAVCE Password Reset

Interesting item from: Kevin

Try to change this key in registry
to value 1084A085DC6BD2D755D4D6A7726

The new password is now symantec


Electrical Receptacles & Plugs
contains a very useful reference with pictures to all the different plug and outlet types.

e-mail disclaimers

This article at:
makes light of this e-mail disclaimer, but I think they are forgetting that hardly anyone using internet mail understands the basic issues outlined in it.

I got an e-mail from helpdesk one day that a particular user complained e-mail was unbearably slow and it needs fixed. Calling the user I learned that someone had e-mailed him a power point presentation at 6:56 that he needed for a conference call at 7:00 and he didn't receive it until 7:03. This "unacceptable delay" was hindering the completion of his vitally important business.

I'd say that rather than laughing and pointing, some version of that disclaimer needs to be below the send button of every internet mail client.