Setting up fax server with Brooktrout TR1034+P8H-T1-1N to receive faxes through TN464F DS1 board in Avaya Definity (has an amphenol connection.)

1. Brooktrout support said that Avaya sells a cable that would meet our needs. But Brooktrout did not know the current part number.
It is a 4 or 8 conductor cable that is amphenol on one end and RJ45/RJ48 on the other pairing 1&2 and 4&5
I believe we will need such a cable that is 25 ft long.
I was unable to find a part number in the short search I did.

2. Brooktrout support noted that a TA120 CSU pack is not necessary and will interfere.

3. Also Brooktrout support noted the settings that the fax board is looking for on the phone system side:
PRI configuration
The PBX should be the T1 clock master
Framing = ESF
Line Coding = BZ8S
Signalling = 5ESS, protocol=NI2
Channel 24 should be the D channel.
Channel 1-8 should be active for bidirectional communication
Channel 9-23 should be disabled/inactive
Incoming calls should start on port 8 and hunt backwards to port 1
On a call collision or Glare: the phone system should yield
Wi-Finally: Security that works: "The security of Wi-Fi has largely been a joke. Wireless vendors have routinely shipped their products with all of their security features turned off, rather than take support calls from end users when things didn't work. Fortunately, the pieces are now in place for you to have safe and secure Wi-Fi networking, wherever you may roam."