Isilon + VMWare

Recommendations for high i/o performance:   - move to iscsi mounted datastore
  - set folders for these vms to 2x protection level
  - Set smartcache to disabled
  - Set data access pattern to random

Run FlexProtect & MultiScan:
          Cluster > Operations > Summary > Start Job


Isilon OneFS, lsassd has a memory leak.  Upgraded to fixed memory leak and also supposed to emulate support for extended attributes.
Interesting:  running top from SSH console of machine showed lsassd process grow over a period of a few hours.  Isilon has another process that checks for any processes taking up over 512MB memory and kills them.
In this case, that disconnected all my SecureCopy sessions.


Cisco: My router doesn't show the time in the log

Stupid router log says like "23w1d" instead of the date.  What do I do?

service timestamps log datetime