Cisco::VOIP::Delay establishing call

Sometimes it take 5-10 seconds for both parties of a call to hear each other.
This is because the RTP channel comes up after the source router receives a connect message from the destination router. The connect message is sent after the person being called picks up the phone.
At the router, input the following:
ROUTER(config)#voice rtp send-recv

This will make all calls establish the voice path in both directions before a connect messagee is received from the dest switch.

Cisco::HyperTerminal::Cut & Paste

FIX for problem pasting a config using HyperTerminal

Pasting a configuration into an IOS device using Hyperterminal gets muddled maybe half way into the config. This is because HyperTerm sends the data too fast for the switch.

This can be fixed by adding a character delay in HyperTerminal:
File > Properties, Settings tab, click ASCII, add character delay of 5 ms


E-Mail Testing with Autoresponders

Here is a list of Email Autoresponders. If you send an email to one or more of the addresses listed below you should receive an autoreply in a few minutes. Auburndale, WI Chicago, IL Toledo, OH Madison, CT Metairie, LA