You learn something new every day.
I often use the NET USE command. Today I heard from a collegue that if you don't want to pick a drive letter, you can just do something like:

NET USE * \\server\folder\

and it will pick a drive for you starting at Z: looking up until there is one free.




Fix Time Sync Problems on Windows Domain

Fix Time Sync Problems on Windows Domain

  • Confirm outside time source is working
  • Identify PDCe in root AD domain: logon to a root DC and run
  • Logon PDCe and confirm no errors are returned when syncing:
    W32TM /SYNC
  • Create a file with names of all DC's in root domain (except the PDCe) using the following command:
  • Cleanup the file and run the following commands to reset the DC's to update time from the domain hierarchy and then sync time.
  • Confirm time synced:
  • Create a file with the names of all the DC's in the subdomain and repeat the above for the subdomain.
  • Repeat for workstations.

  • Time Sync

    Time Sync in Windows Domain

    MS Exchange CCR Cluster: Maint

    How to Move a Storage Group and Its Database in a CCR Environment

    Pasted from

    How to Move a Database in a CCR Environment

    Pasted from

    MS Exchange Failover to SCR Node

    It was a really fun weekend. Scheduled building powerdown overnight -- shutdown Exchange servers gracefully. Next morning both CCR nodes fail to boot up. After hours on the phone with server vendor, SAN vendor, and Microsoft decided to failover to SCR copy. It didn't seem to go according to documents I've read.

    Below are notes of how documents said it should work:

    To get a formated list of SG settings:
    Get-storagegroup -server priexs01ccr | fl

    The following commands were used to move PRIEXS01CCR to SCR target SECEXS01-1:
    Restore-StorageGroupCopy –Identity

    (Pasted from

    StandbyMachine NH-W2K3-SRV01 -Force

    (Pasted from

    Get-storagegroup -server priexs01ccr | Restore-StorageGroupCopy -StandbyMachine Secexs01-1 -Force

    Get-Storagegroup -server priexs01ccr | Disable-StorageGroupCopy -StandbyMachine Secexs01-1 -Confirm:$false

    (Will most likely return errors)

    Get-storagegroupcopystatus -server priexs01ccr -StandbyMachine Secexs01-1

    (This is to verify that the StgCopy returns not configured)

    DNS: change IP to new CMS IP

    Verify the id used for cluster service has change computer perm in AD.
    DO NOT RUN /NEWCMS unless you have MS on the phone and they tell you to.

    Run the following with the correct info: /RecoverCMS /CMSName:CCREX01 /CMSIPAddress:

    (Pasted from

    This is what we actually did with MS support: /RecoverCMS /CMSName:priexs01ccr /CMSIPAddress:

    Get-MailboxDatabase -Server priexs01ccr | Set-MailboxDatabase -AllowFileRestore:$True

    Get-MailboxDatabase -Server priexs01ccr | Mount-Database

    Get-MailboxDatabase -Server priexs01ccr -Status |ft *name*,*mount*

    (Creates a formated list with status)

    Verify Allow restore is no longer checked on SGs, this should occur automatically after the DBs mount, but just in-case.