Network::Router: Nortel

Nortel Router-Clear ARP cache:
clear ip arp ___________ <-the IP number whose ARP entry needs cleared.
clear ip arp ALL


WindowsNT/2K::Master Browser


An individual subnet typically does not have that many backup browsers. Often, up to 31 computers on a subnet will have one backup browser. After that, every 32 computers added results in another backup browser being added from the potential browsers. Think of them as systems sitting on the bench, waiting for the coach to send them in. The Master Browser will tell a system when it should assume the role of a backup browser.

Some systems should never be browsers. In both Windows 2000 and NT 4.0, this value is set under the registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesBrowser Parameters

There are three possible entries:
No – This computer should never be a browser. This is an excellent entry when you have a lab setup with a test server or computer that is constantly being changed and/or rebooted and the server keeps forcing browser elections upon being rebooted because it is the most qualified to be the local subnet's Master Browser. NO is the computer equivalent of "knock it off and sit down".

Yes – This is the default value for Windows and NT 4.0 servers. These systems will either be a Master Browser or a backup browser.

Auto – This computer could become a backup browser if needed. The Master Browser will notify it if it's needed. A bench warmer. This is the default for Windows Professional and Windows NT 4.0 workstation systems.
WINDOWS NT/2K :: Hide from Network Neighborhood

Hide your machine from the BROWSER (Network Neighborhood):
type "net config server /hidden:yes"


I was attempting to setup a test network "WAN" link by connecting the CSU's between routers back to back. I never go this to work, but got practice assembling a cable and spent some quality time researching this. I was using junk I had gathered up and I didn't want to buy anything more just to do this. I believe I had the cable setup correctly, but I don't know if I had the right adapters to go from AUI to RJ45.
connecting routers/csu back to back. T1 Crossover cable.