MS Word::DocsOpen

DocsOpen & MSWord wierdness
When using "embedded smart tags" or "disable feature introduced after" options in DOCSOpen we get "invalid document path not found" errors. If somebody takes this document home and has the above options enabled it "infects" the document by setting the options to match and then craps out when imported into document mgmt.

This MicroSystems document has a lot of great info about Word conversion issues.


Strategic Management

Strategic Management
Strategic Management: Text and Tools for Business Policy, Second Edition
Online textbook from University of Rhode Island professors.


Avoiding TRIPOD.COM Sidebar

Geeeez, sticks a banner at the top of my site - isn't it enough that my site is advertising matchmaker services for tripod and heaven knows what else?

Now they started sticking that stupid side bar search that brings up "other similar tripod sites."  But I haven't seen one that I want to be called similar to. 

Am I complaining too much about stuff I get for free?  (But look at the Google search engine and Blogger, they are free but they aren't blatantly lame…)

Hopefully you weren't turned away by this BS before you read this post.  To stop this insanity, I have a suggestion:

If you are using Internet Explorer, setup http://* on the list of restricted sites.  This will disable java and prevent that crap from coming up every time you open one of my pages.



I've mentioned PAR in the past. It's been a while since I used it and I recently had to set it up fresh on my machine. I've found my documentation on this process lacking and had a bit of trouble. For future reference, here is some more info. is the official site with the info to get setup.
Check out the FAQ for installing on Windows. PPM is the best method. The Windows files/binary are available here too.



Outlook Team Calendar
This looks promising:

But it tells me I need to download and install CDO and the url it refers me to says it's no longer available for download:



Jans Freeware Collection
A great collection of freeware, articles, and information about various programming topics.
Some interesting looking tools.