Security::Firewall::Blocking Peer-to-Peer file sharing

P2P network client software is the spawn of S A T A N
I am fighting a constant battle with users who are dedicated to screwing up their computers and flooding our network.
Block the sites
SurfControl category is setup for blocking access to websites related to peer to peer file sharing tools and activities.
Blocking P2P traffic
Blocking ports at firewall(both TCP & UDP)
1214 - Kazaa & Morpheus
6346, 6347 - Gnutella/Limewire
1088 - Audio Galaxy - also uses ftp on ports: 21 and 41000+ which are not feasible to block. So I'm consider blocking outbound to server(s.) I need to find a good way to locate where those servers are and hope they are in the same subnet.

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