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Subject: Tested and True - Move Server Method for Exchange 2000
From: "David Nandell, MCP"

For anyone who needs to move an Exchange 2000 server from one hardware
server to a new one, here is how I did it. Minimal problems (mostly
Anti-Virus software issues) and everything works just fine.

Move Server Method for Exchange 2000
*Environment: 2 Dell PowerEdge servers, both running Windows 2000 Sp1, DNS,
and Active Directory.

1. Make sure all conditions for installing Exchange 2000 on the new server are met:
-Active Directory is functioning properly.

-DNS functioning properly.

-Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 installed.

2. Install Active Directory Connector from the Exchange 2000 CD onto the new server. I had un-installed ADC after upgrading to Exchange 2000 as it is not needed afterwards. However, to install Exchange 2000 YOU MUST HAVE ADC INSTALLED! You do not need to create any connector agreements however. Once you are done with the initial install, you can un-install ADC again.

3. Install Exchange 2000.

4. After the installation successfully completes make sure all services are running in the Services MMC.
Check System Manager - Administrative Groups - Group - Servers
to see if your new server has been added.

5. Reboot.

6. Install hotfix roll-ups provided in Q291222.

7. Reboot.

8. Open System Manager - Administrative Groups - Group - Servers and make sure Properties are the same for both servers. Make sure all the settings for Protocols, Mailbox Store and Public Folder Store are the same on both servers.

9. Open System Manager - Recipients - Recipient Update Service. On the right hand side of the MMC window Right click on the object for your server and choose Properties. Change the server to the new server. Right click on the service again and choose Rebuild. You need to do this in order to add new users.

10. Open System Manager - Administrative Groups - Group - Folders - Public Folders and:
-Right click on ALL of your Public Folders and choose Properties. Go to Replication and add the new server as a replication
-Right click on Public Folders and choose View System Folders and do the same with ALL System Folders. Make sure they are replicated to the new server.

**I waited 24 hours for things to replicate.

11. Open System Manager - Tools - Monitoring and Status and make sure your notifications and status monitors are the same for both servers.

12. Unless you have an Exchange 5.5 server, don't worry about Routing Groups. Exchange 2000 Native-mode relies on SMTP virtual server for mail transport.

-Shut down ANY AND ALL anti-virus software on BOTH servers! This will interfere with Active Directories Move Mailbox wizard. You will get 80004005 errors moving mailboxes!

14. To move mailboxes:
-Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
-Right click on a User object and choose Exchange Tasks
-Choose Move Mailbox - NOT DELETE MAILBOX! and then Next
-Choose the new Mailbox store you want to move the mailbox to
and choose Next.
-The Wizard will complete the mailbox move.
-When you are all done moving mailboxes run Cleanup Agent on
both Mailbox stores. Once replication is complete Users will be able to
access their mailboxes.

15. Restart your antivirus software.

16. Make sure your users can connect to the new server. If they are having trouble:

-Go to their machine and Start - Settings - Control Panel -Mail
and make sure the Exchange settings properties are pointing to the new server. I have found that removing the Exchange Server and then re-adding it improves performance

17. You are done. You can delete the old server from the Administrative
Group and shut it down.

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