Cisco::SNMP::IP Accounting

Gathering IP accounting information from a router via SNMP.
Cisco document with details about SNMP calls to gather MAC table and IP accounting tables from routers via SNMP.

Perl script to do this:

use SNMP_util;

$host = $ARGV[0];
if ($host eq "") {
print "Host address (return = $defaultHost) ? ";
$host = <stdin>;
if ($host eq "") { die "Usage: ipac [host address]\n"; }

print "Gathering data from $host . . .\n";

@accounting = snmpwalk ("public\@$host",".");

my @src, @dest, $pkts, $bytes;

foreach $line (@accounting) {
($pre, $data) = split (/\:/, $line);
@mib = split(/\./, $pre);
if ($mib[1] eq "1") { push (@src, $data);}
elsif ($mib[1] eq "2") { push (@dest, $data);}
elsif ($mib[1] eq "3") { push (@pkts, $data);}
elsif ($mib[1] eq "4") { push (@bytes, $data);}
elsif ($mib[1] eq "5") { last;}
else { print "unrecognized data\n";}

my $index = 1;

open (OUT, ">", "output.html");
open (CSV, ">", "output.csv");

print OUT "<html><head><link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"styles.css\" /></head><body><table border=\"1\" bordercolor=\"black\">";
print OUT "<h2>$host IP Accounting</h2><a href=\"output\.csv\" target=\"_blank\">Open in Excel</a>";
print CSV "$host IP Accounting\n";
print OUT "<tr><th>Source</th><th>Destination</th><th>Bytes</th><th>Packets</th></tr>\n";
print CSV "Source,Destination,Bytes,Packets\n";

foreach $from (@src) {
print OUT "<tr><td>$src[$index]</td><td>$dest[$index]</td><td>$bytes[$index]</td><td>$pkts[$index]</td></tr>\n";
print CSV "$src[$index],$dest[$index],$bytes[$index],$pkts[$index]\n";

print OUT "</table></body></html>\n";

close OUT;
close CSV;


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