Good Monday

- standard Monday morning stuff: timesheet corrections, review of schedules,
- short staffed: one guy broke his foot over the weekend, another going to the doctor for strained back. another left early because his wife was sick and his child got sick at school and had to come home.
- Help calls and emergencies were not excessive -- it's a good thing, I only have two hands and three keyboards.
- First day of school today and I spent my final moments on my way out the door this morning "encouraging" my children to stop whining and fighting. This will be a fun year of homeschooling if this morning lasts all week.....
- meeting with vendors
- on downloading enterprise and standard versions of Windows 2008 R2 -- nearly 5GB!! Had to delete some old stuff off my IT server to fit these ISO's in.
- signed up for Laura Chappel free WireShark class this week.
- trying to cleanup notes and other work knowledge that is scattered around several places. Deleting old stuff.
- familiarizing myself with lightweight access points/wireless lan controller wireless solution.

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