Vsphere 5

UCS & VMWare: 
Suppress Management Network Redundancy Warning
With UCS we have NIC redundancy built in.  So I can make vmnic0 the interface on the management network on the "local" vswitch and put vmnic1 on the distributed vswitch.  The vmware virtual NIC's will map to the UCS vnic1-A and vnic1-B interfaces which failover to each other at the UCS layer. 
But VMWare warns me that the host has no management network redundancy when I add it to the HA cluster.  I could create more vNIC's in UCS but that "wastes" a virtual interface in UCS just to make VMWare shut up about it.
This warning can be suppressed under advanced options.  Set das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning to true to suppress the warning on hosts not configured in an HA cluster. Then tell it to reconfigure HA.

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