Powershell Format Operator

Powershell Format Operator "-f"


{0}Display a particular element"{0} {1}" -f "a", "b"a b
{0:x}Display a number in Hexadecimal"0x{0:x}" -f 1813420x2c45e
{0:X}Display a number in Hexadecimal uppercase"0x{0:X}" -f 1813420x2C45E
{0:dn}Display a decimal number left justified, padded with zeros"{0:d8}" -f 300000003
{0:p}Display a number as a percentage"{0:p}" -f .12312.30 %
{0:c}Display a number as currency"{0:c}" -f  12.34$12.34
{0,n}Display with field width n, left aligned"|{0,5}|" -f "hi"|   hi|
{0,-n}Display with field width n, right aligned"|{0,-5}| -f "hi"|hi   |
Display the hours and minutes from a date time value"{0:hh}:{0:mm}" -f (Get-Date)01:34
{0:C}Display using the currency symbol for the current culture"|{0,10:C}|" -f 12.3|  $12.40|

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