Cisco Daisy Chained Consoles

Cisco Daisy Chain Console

Daisy Chaining from one device to another can be a great backup method to access network devices without having to have a modem (or more than one.) So, if I want to be able to get to the console on a core switch at a site after having a local contact boot it up, I could enable this by connecting a cisco rollover cable from my router to the switch. This would allow me to connect to the router over the WAN side interface and then connect to the switch from the router.

Cable to buy

Need a “rollover cable.” This is the product:
Rollover Cable


  • connect rollover cable from router AUX port to Core Switch CONSOLE port
  • Config on Router:
    • line aux 0
    • transport input telnet ssh

How to use

  • Connect to router and logon
  • telnet [ROUTER IP] 2001
  • Logon
  • To exit and return to router session, type CTRL+SHIFT+6 and then hit X

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