e-mail autoresponder addresses
I like to have the ability to do a quick test of my e-mail system a few times throughout the day. I've gotten in the habit of sending a message to an autoresponder.
The one I liked best,, quit working. It's been quite some time so I've given up hope that it was just a temporary problem. I liked it because it echoed back the message you sent it. I always used a message with the time I sent it as the subject that gave me a response time for comparison without having to figure it out myself.
Some other options I found while searching:
1. - a long physical distance from the us so it takes a little while. It also doesn't echo back you exact same message so it is not as helpful or useful in as many ways.
2. - will send you back a test spam message.
3. - will send you back a message containing a list of other autoresponders: (I haven't tried them all yet.) - doesn't work. - works - - works
4. You could setup your own with a yahoo account and a vacation response or a hotmail account with an alert e-mail to your internal e-mail address or pager.

E-Mail me any others you know of or any other ideas you have for verifying e-mail connectivity.

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