Windows 2000/XP::Default Services

From: Microsoft

The following table lists the default services for a typical installation of Windows XP Professional, along with their default startup settings. Your list of services might be different, depending on the components selected during installation and any additional programs that have been installed.

ServiceStartup TypeLog On AsAdditional information
AlerterManualLocal Service
Application Layer GatewayManualLocal Service
Application ManagementManualLocal System
Automatic UpdatesAutomaticLocal System
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceManualNetwork ServiceFor information about troubleshooting problems associated with this service, see Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) inactive job timeout
ClipBookManualLocal System
COM+ Event SystemManualLocal System
COM+ System ApplicationManualLocal System
Computer BrowserAutomaticLocal System
Cryptographic ServicesAutomaticLocal System
DHCP ClientAutomaticLocal System
Distributed Link Tracking ClientAutomaticLocal System
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorManualNetwork Service
DNS ClientAutomaticNetwork Service
Error ReportingAutomaticLocal System
Event LogAutomaticLocal System
Fast User Switching CompatibilityManualLocal System
Help and SupportAutomaticLocal System
Human Interface Device AccessDisabledLocal System
IMAPI CD-Burning COMManualLocal System
Indexing ServiceManualLocal SystemYou can use Indexing Service to index documents and document properties on your disks and store the information in a catalog. For more information, see Indexing Service
Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)/Internet Connection SharingAutomaticLocal System
Internet Connection SharingManualLocal System
IPSec ServicesAutomaticLocal System
Logical Disk ManagerAutomaticLocal System
Logical Disk Manager Administrative ServiceManualLocal System
MessengerAutomaticLocal Service This service must be running for alert notifications to be received. For more information about performance, see Introduction to Performance This service must be running on recipient computers so that those computers can receive console messages. For more information about console messages, see Send Console Message
MS Software Shadow Copy ProviderManualLocal System
Net LogonAutomaticLocal System
NetMeeting Remote Desktop SharingManualLocal System
Network ConnectionsManualLocal System
Network DDEManualLocal System
Network DDE DSDMManualLocal System
Network Location Awareness (NLA)ManualLocal System
NT LM Security Support ProviderManualLocal System
Performance Logs and AlertsManualNetwork Service
Plug and PlayAutomaticLocal System
Portable media serial numberAutomaticLocal System
Print SpoolerAutomaticLocal SystemIf you are having trouble with a printer not responding, you can try restarting this service. This cancels all pending print jobs.
Protected StorageAutomaticLocal System
QoS RSVPManualLocal System
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerManualLocal System
Remote Access Connection ManagerManualLocal System
Remote Desktop Help Session ManagerManualLocal System
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)AutomaticLocal System
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorManualNetwork Service
Remote RegistryAutomaticLocal ServiceFor troubleshooting performance problems relating to this service, see Troubleshooting
Removable StorageManualLocal System
Routing and Remote AccessManualLocal System
Secondary LogonAutomaticLocal SystemFor more information about the Secondary Logon service, see To start the Secondary Logon service
Security Accounts ManagerAutomaticLocal System
ServerAutomaticLocal SystemStopping this service disconnects any open sessions with a remote computer.
Shell Hardware DetectionAutomaticLocal System
Smart CardManualLocal Service
Smart Card HelperManualLocal Service
SSDP DiscoveryManualLocal Service
System Event NotificationAutomaticLocal System
System Restore ServiceAutomaticLocal System
Task SchedulerAutomaticLocal System
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperAutomaticLocal Service
TelephonyManualLocal System
TelnetManualLocal System
Terminal ServicesManualLocal System
ThemesAutomaticLocal System
Uninterruptable Power SupplyManualLocal Service
Universal Plug and Play Device HostManualLocal System
Upload ManagerAutomaticLocal System
Utility ManagerManualLocal System
Volume Shadow CopyManualLocal System
WebClientAutomaticLocal Service
Windows AudioAutomaticLocal System
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)ManualLocal System
Windows InstallerManualLocal System
Windows Management InstrumentationAutomaticLocal System
Windows TimeAutomaticLocal System
Wireless Zero Configuration serviceAutomaticLocal System
WMI Performance AdapterManualLocal System
WorkstationAutomaticLocal System

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