Outlook::Corrupt Rules


User gets error processing rules even when all rules are disabled. All rules are removed and still get error.

Export all the rules. Delete them all. Then remove rule items using MDBVU32.
Procedure from Microsoft Article 320022

  1. Start the Mdbvu32.exe utility on the client computer. This utility is located on your Exchange Server CD in the CD-ROM_Drive\Server\Support\Utils\I386 folder.
  2. Click OK, select your profile in the Choose Profile dialog box, and then click OK.
  3. In the MDB Viewer Test Application dialog box, click OpenMessageStore on the MDB menu.
  4. Make sure that your mailbox is selected, and then click Open.
  5. Click Open Root Folder on the MDB menu.
  6. In the MAPI_Folder-Root dialog box, double-click Top of Information Store in the Child Folders list.
  7. In the MAPI_Folder-Top of Information Store dialog box, double-click Inbox in the Child Folders list.
  8. Examine the contents of the Associated Messages in Fld list where all your rules are listed. Click the rule that you want to delete (to examine rule's properties, double-click it).
  9. In the Operations available (Select operation, then push Call Function button) text box, click the down arrow to open the list of available functions.
  10. Click lpFld ->DeleteMessages() (ON SELECTED MSGS), and then click Call Function.
  11. In the MAPI_FOLDER - Inbox ->DeleteMessages() dialog box, click OK to delete the rule that you selected.
  12. Click Close three times.
  13. In the MDB Viewer Test Application dialog box, click Store Logoff on the MDB menu, and then click OK twice.
  14. In the MDB Viewer Test Application dialog box, click Exit on the Session

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