Outlook::Exchange::Undo Security

Trying to get an Outlook macro/script/add-on to use Outlook to send a message for me and security warning keeps coming up.
When you have the choice, do NOT use MAPI. Develop stuff to send SMTP messages as alerts.
There is a lengthy procedure that needs to be done to Exchange by an administrator to allow security to be adjusted. Then there is a registry key that must be added at the client(s) to tell them to look for the altered security settings.
The procedure is described at:
MS KB 290499
- Get the MS Office Resource Kit
- Create a public folder on the Exchange system named Outlook Security Settings and grant permission to review this folder to all users for which security settings are to be altered.
- Install from the ORK the Outlook E-mail Security Administrator package.
- Use the utility to generate and publish a custom form into the public folder.
- Administer changes to security on this form. Save the form with settings.
- Put registry key and value on the client machines.

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